Pro Postures™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

Pro Postures™  Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

Pro Postures™ Orthopedic Bunion Corrector

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Pro Postures™  Orthopedic Bunion Corrector will move The toe back natural position while realigning skeletal system for posture correction.

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It is a must-have innovation for following toe condition: TOECORNSCALLUSESARTHRITISHAMMER TOE and other ailments.

bunion corrector


Foot corrector

They also help keep your toes in place and prevent rubbing & pressure.

Three-arch support design evenly distributes pressure across arch, heel and ball. Properly supports the three points to keeps joint mobilization balance.


  • HAMMER TOE CORRECTION Separates, straightens and aligns your toes.

Foot corrector

  • BUNION CORRECTION Separators increase spaces for proper toes alignment keeping them properly aligned while moving.

Foot Corrector

Foot Corrector

  • POSTURE CORRECTION Straightens hips and prevents muscle imbalance. Corrects knick-knee and bow leg.

    Foot Corrector

    • DISTRIBUTE PRESSURE A normal toe with Three-arch support averages pressure across foot's arch, heel, and ball and keep your body balance. 


    • Silicone gel, lightweight, stretchy and comfortable
    • Supportive, all-day relief, can be worn at day or night, indoor or outdoor.

    *** We recommend you to own a couple of Bunion Corrector pairs for correcting your bunion and release your pains in many other places ( At home, at work )***


    • Start with wearing for 5-15 min and increase by 5 min per session until you can comfortably wear for 30 min or more. Allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt as you stretch them. Wear while relaxing in the evening as part of your everyday routine. 
    • Wear less often if pain gets worse, and be careful when walking with them on. Ask your physician for more specific advice if you have a foot condition. 
    • Hold under warm water or chill in the refrigerator before wearing for a more soothing effect.

    bunion corrector


    • Runners 
    • Dancers 
    • Mountain Climbers 
    • Bikers, Yogis, Hikers 
    • Especially those with cramping feet or cramping toes, those who are on their feet a lot and/or wear heels

      Foot Corrector


      • Material: High Quality Silicone
      • One Size Fits ALL

      foot corrector size


      • Wash them with hand soap water
      • Dry in the shade
      • Put some baby powder if they sticky
      - 1 pair x Pro Postures™ Silicone Orthopedic Bunion Corrector 2.0


      Q: How long does it give a result?
      A: It depends on each specific situation.
      But normally, you will feel relief after wearing them at bedtime for month.

      Q: Does this fit a men's size 11?
      A: You should have no trouble. Two pieces are just stretchy fabric that forms to the foot. It is one size fits all.

      Q: Can I wash them?
      A: Yes, you can. You can wash them by hand. They are dry pretty quickly and held up fine.

      Q: Does this come with one or 2 silicone corrector?
      A: It comes with 1 pair/ 2 pieces per pack.

      Q: Does this need to be worn all day or can it be worn at night while sleeping?
      A: For your best comfort, we recommend you primarily wear them at bedtime and occasionally roam around in good conditions.

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